Sunday 3 November 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Finishes: three Artist Trading Cards on an autumn theme for the Very Berry Handmade swap (see the loveliness on flickr), another music bag, and 10 metres of halloween bunting made with my youngest from Ebay bargain orange felt and black bias binding.  It was all hand stitched as we were away from the sewing machine so we were quite chuffed with ourselves.

I should also have photographed this room after the children's halloween party it was tidied up for...

WIPs: Unfortunately getting the car through its MOT meant no fabric purchases so I am temporarily and frustratingly stuck in the middle of two quilts, Big Pebbles, and Leaves, but this did mean I got out a third quilt I started at the Stitch Gathering, in a class taught by Fiona of Poppy Makes.

Fiona's fab quilt is  here.  Mine is being made from Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill, and Natural Seeded Klona.  I am struggling with it slightly because it is someone else's pattern and I find that hard as I like going my own way, but I wanted to learn something new and it is a great pattern so I am determined to make it for one of my daughters.  I have all the pieces cut and paired. Three quilts in progress is a record so I'm hoping for a finish soon.

Incoming: a week of happy post.  This book was my winnings (by luck, rather than merit) at Celtic Thistle Stitches Holiday Memory competition.

Thank you so much to Fiona - I look forward to next year's competition, and the book is my current bed-time reading.

And this pencil case arrived from Fran:

It is for one of the Misses Knotted Cotton in return for  the music bag I sent Miss Patchy Rose.  It is lovely and so beautifully made I might just have to keep it for myself;-)

A good month!

Lily's Quilts


  1. What beautiful things you've been making! Looks like a fun Halloween party :-) Glad you like the pencil case x

  2. Love all your finished projects! How fun to win too!

  3. I love the start of your Poppy Makes quilt, stick with it, it will look lovely when it's complete. Maybe you could do your own thing on the back :)

  4. Love your music bag, the details are beautiful. I really enjoyed making projects for Patchwork, Please. A very good win!

  5. I love all of your finished projects!! I'm with you....much prefer going along my own path of design and stitching....BUT....your quilt will look fabulous, especially with all those cheery and happy fabrics!!

  6. I find working to other people's patterns difficult too, but it's good self discipline (or so I'm told). Love the top mosaic, it really conveys the character of your work.

  7. Those ATC cards are stunning and so detailed! And I love your music bag too!
    Congratulations on the win! Isn't that book filled with the prettiest photos and projects!

  8. Hi Catherine, they are lovely!

  9. a very good month, love those atc. I have that book and it is great, want to make the pincushion

  10. Lucky winnings are still as much fun to get, congrats. Love the Notting Hill version and I totally relate to the need/want to give a quilt your own twist but wanting to learn from a class at the same time. Lucky you to have the talented Fiona as a teacher.


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