Friday 22 November 2013

Slow Blog Linky

This month the Slow Blog linky has become a moveable feast and is being hosted by Willit who has written a great post about life and creativity and blogging.

When I first started blogging it was because I love making things, and I wanted to engage with the community of other people who like doing the same.   We can't always be as productive as we would like because there are other things going on in life - and we can't always blog as often as we would like for the same reason.  It is difficult not to feel inadequate in the face of apparent super-productivity, and to worry that without having a constant virtual presence you are going to drop out of the loop, so Slow Blogging (at least my variation on the theme) is about declaring your intention to try not to compare yourself to other people, and to show a little support for fellow Slow Bloggers.

If you're a Slow Blogger, please visit and link up - the linky stays open for a week!


  1. Hear, hear from the ranks of the non super-productive :)

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to host your linky party this month. I have mentioned your Slow Blog Manifesto to a number of my favourite bloggers who have posted about feeling overwhelmed while trying to find the right balance in their lives, especially when it comes to balancing crafting and blogging with their family lives and other commitments, and about feeling the pressure to blog. It was a great idea to share your 'slow blogging' ideal with fellow bloggers, it eases the sense of self-induced guilt that seems to be a come with being a blogger.

  3. I'll second that "hear hear"! Love your philosophy :D

  4. Thanks Catherine I will go and visit :)

  5. Oh, good idea. Sometimes it's paralyzing to even think about starting something when it's all been done and seemingly better than you as well.


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