Sunday 15 December 2013

Festive Slow Blog Linky

Hello all slow bloggers.  Have you been slow or have you been in a sewing frenzy making Christmas presents?

In my case it's the latter and does go to show what could be achieved if I cracked on with it although I don't think I could stand the pace and would very quickly be a wreck with no housework done and little bits of lint stuck to every surface - of me, and the house.

Apart from my Little Robots quilt-in-a-day, and related cushion cover I've managed some more patchwork.  My sneak peak earlier this week was of a doll's quilt for my only niece.  I used a mini charm pack of Simply Style by Vanessa Christensen of V&Co to make it. It was a freebie, and I really like this fabric which makes me realise I should be more adventurous in my buying habits.

I had such fun sewing a fleece blanket complete with blanket stitch, a sheet with embroidered turn-down, a pillow and pillow slip with ribbon detail - obviously I'm not as grown up as I like to think.  I hope she likes it.

If you would like to share your activities this month, creative or otherwise,  do link up, flash the Slow Blog button on your blog or post and make sure to visit other Slow Bloggers to show them some encouragement.  And as always, if you would like to host a Slow Blog linky party, just let me know.


  1. What a gorgeous little bed set. I love mini things. I set myself a goal of one item a day until 24th. Much more fun than working on the quilts I need to finish.

  2. What a cute set! Love the charm pack all together like that.

  3. Those doll makes are adorable. Your niece will love them! I really like the Simply Style fabric :)

  4. Your quilt looks lovely! Pretty designs and colours, I'm sure dolly will be very happy with it!

  5. these are lovely, your niece will have fun with them, I love seeing miniature sewed things

  6. What a great set Catherine, I am sure your niece will love it!

  7. Very, very cute. It looks like being an only niece has it's perks :)

    BTW, my house is a mess at the best of times, and that's before I get to do anything crafty.

  8. An adorable set! It's one of my favourite fabric lines :D


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