Tuesday 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013 - Looking Back

2013 has been a good year.  Things done:

I've 'met' more fellow bloggers trying to fit creativity into real life, whose support and encouragement I am so grateful for...

... managed some, but not enough, quilt-making:

Emerald; Crazy Mini; Quilt in a DayBeach Finds; Tiny Happy Improv Quilt; Siblings Together 3 - Through the Window

(I still have three quilts in progress and am asking myself why I find it so hard to finish them off.  Too little time, too easily distracted - Must Try Harder.)

...got converted to Artist Trading Cards (thanks to Ali)

Artist Trading Cards

...made some Komebukuro bags, and learned to love Liberty and crazy patchwork

Tiny Crazy Patchwork; Komebukuro bag; Music bag 1: Liberty patchwork box; Komebukuro bag; Music bag 2; Komebukuro bag detail; Box with origami lotus lid

...and tried to learn something new with everything I do, which isn't hard when you're a novice in so many areas.  Each time I do I am thankful to someone who took the time to demonstrate a procedure or tip, because writing up tutorials is time-consuming.

Last year's resolutions:
  • Lose the extra half stone put on over the Christmas holidays - FAIL
  • If it's going to take less than two minutes do it right away - BIG WIN  highly recommended.
  • Do one creative thing every day - PARTIAL FAIL.  But I tried, so I think it should count as a PARTIAL WIN.
  • Get fit.  WIN followed by FAIL.  In six months I went from being able to jog lumpenly for one minute at a time to being able to jog lumpenly for two miles.  During the summer school holidays I never seemed to have the time and it all went downhill thereafter. 
The thing I'm most proud of:

Emerald.  I love this quilt which is where I want to go in 2014.  More about that tomorrow.


  1. Emerald is beautiful - and makes me excited to see where you are headed in 2014 :-) Hope its a great year for you.

  2. That quilt is lovely - well they all are of course - do I take it you might be off to Ireland perhaps? I think you have done well to achieve what you have and am sure the rest will follow if it turns out to matter to you! Happy new Year.

  3. Such beautiful work, and so proud to have one of them in our music room! Your emerald really is gorgeous.

  4. Looks like 2013 was a great year from where I am standing Catherine! Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings for you.

  5. I Think you've done really well. Well done for managing to run two miles, that's more than I could manage. I'm sure you could do it again with some training.

  6. Happy New Year! Totally with you on the exercise thing - I did almost exactly the same :-/

  7. I still love emerald too but for me the beauties are your liberty makes x(and the music bag ain't too bad either :0)

  8. Quilts are time consuming so don't be too hard on yourself for having three UFO's, I'm sure they will be completed in time.
    The emerald quilt is absolutely gorgeous and deserves a BIG WIN
    The music bags are my favourites, so original and quirky :-)

  9. Beautiful work this last year! Thanks for running the Slow Bloggers link too, and for helping me feel better about my pathetic output. PS - my MIL loved her brooch, so you should add that to your successes!

  10. Surely such a big win like 'Emerald' cancels out any minor fails? I think so :) It is a very beautiful quilt! Happy New Year x

  11. Looks like lots of wins to me! NY 2014 = maybe not be so hard on self?! Also I think you are really finding your style creatively. Yr beautiful work looks identifiably yours. Thanks for all the encouragement on my paltry efforts throughout the year too-the slow blogger idea is genius! Look forward to seeing more gems this year!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful year. Lots of lovely makes. I love your Emerald quilt it is absolutely gorgeous. Best wishes for 2014. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


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