Tuesday 17 December 2013

Liberty boxes

You know sometimes the more you make the more fired up you get?  I think I'm going through a bit of that at the moment.  It's fun while it lasts!

Anyway, I was looking at the crazy patchwork scrap fabric I showed how to make yesterday and thought how lovely it might look as a box, so I covered a sturdy chocolate box with pink tissue paper, and glued a panel to the top.  I used the same glue (white glue, which dries clear) to 'varnish' the whole box.

Then, as I was having a good time and putting off doing some hoovering I made another little box.  This one uses one of my Liberty origami brooches to decorate the lid and is going to contain a Christmas present.

Then I was quite pleased and had to take lots of pretentious photographs!


  1. hahahaha! not pretentious at all! (well, maybe a little!)

  2. They're lovely and what a good idea. I have a couple of chocolate boxes that need covering and this is the perfect way to do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. No need to put anything inside the boxes themselves are so lovely!!

  4. You really are on a roll, are you drinking a lot of coffee? The boxes look great and will make lovely presents.

  5. These are really pretty! Hope the gifts inside will be as pretty as the outsides!

  6. these are lovely, I love covering boxes but never want to part with them. I will definitely be trying this with the fabric on top. And as you know, I love Liberty to start with.

  7. Lovely boxes I would be loath to part with them :)


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