Friday 4 April 2014

Bloggy break

Taking some time out to bond with the sprogs over the holidays, but back soon.

I have had some lovely comments recently from no-reply bloggers.   I try to hunt you down and find you (insert crazy voice) but if not I generally reply (though sometimes forget, sorry) in the comments section.

Some people are no-reply by choice I know, but you can also be a no-reply blogger if:
  • you have a Wordpress blog as Wordpress and Blogger don't seem to talk to each other.
  • you have not added an email address to your Blogger profile.  Good tutorial here
  • you have recently switched to Google plus.   There is a post on this here and here 
Don't forget the Slow Blog Linky on the 15th of the month!

Knotted Cotton


  1. Have a wonderful Easter holiday Catherine! Thanks for the links re. no-reply bloggers, I seem to have recently and unfathomably fallen into this category, I will follow your links and see if I can sort it out!

  2. Have a good break Catherine, I have no idea why when switching to G+ it assumes you want to be a no-reply blogger by default, but doesn't actually tell you so until someone points it out, so these links are very welcome for those who want full interaction whilst blogging :-)

  3. Have fun with the Littlies x

  4. Its happened to me again and I changed nothing. Thank you for the reminder. I am now a reply blogger again. What is it with Blogger+?

  5. Thanks for the tips. I used to be a blogger user so now I jsut went and updated my profile. Now I'll try using my blogger account and we'll see how it goes. I hate the way wordpress and blogger don't talk! HAve a wonderful break!


I love hearing from you and always try to reply - please forgive me if I accidentally miss a comment. If you don't hear back do check you aren't a "No Reply Blogger", and look for a reply here in the Comments section.


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