Tuesday 11 June 2013


The Very Berry Handmade Textile ATC swap has come to an end.  You can see the lovely cards in the Flickr group.  It was just interesting to see what variety there was.  And here is the one I received!

Isn't it fantastic?  It was made by Hannah who sent a lovely note saying that it represented a whole series of sewing firsts for her, which you'd never know.   I especially love the tutu and the little beads.  So do my children - the reason I haven't posted it already is that it disappeared and I have just retrieved it from their room.

For anyone who missed it and is envious, there is another swap planned for the autumn, so watch Ali's blog for details.

I really have been very lucky because also in my post was this:

It is a felted penny mat made by Elizabeth, whose blog is full of really beautiful and inspiring things.  As soon as I saw these I really coveted them, and I cheekily wrote to ask if she would consider swapping just one "penny" for something small made by me (not sure how I ever thought I could match the standard).  She has very, very kindly sent a whole mat.

It is absolutely beautiful.  The colours are lovely, and the embroidery is too.

Just in case it looks as if I'm having everything my own way, this is going off to Nicky today, because she liked the one I made for the ATC.  It's tiny mug-rug size.

and here's a tiny glimpse of a Pay-it-Forward gift in progress.


  1. Think you were very lucky to get that ATC card back without having to resort to bribery!

    Love the felted penny mat, how generous was Elizabeth!

  2. Just looked in to admire the ballet dancer (Hannah's captured the graceful arms beautifully), and thought I'd pressed the wrong button when I saw the mat. Again, I'm so pleased you like it!

  3. Glad you and your family love the very graceful ballerina! You might need to keep a close eye on her!

    I love my UJ - thank you so much! Will have to put my thinking hat on!! Hmmmm!

  4. What lovely post you received.
    Swapping things is a great way to own other people's work and not just your own.

  5. The ATC is wonderful! And your cheekiness definitely paid off - the penny mat is wonderful!

  6. Your "pay it forward" is so lovely and bright - look forward to seeing what you make.

  7. Those are some lovely gifts that yo received. The ballerina is adorable. The embroidery on the penny mat is pretty. I love the colors of the gifts you are working on... I'm intrigued :)

  8. Wow! No wonder the girls loved it - so pretty! I'm going to try to be a bit more organised and get involved next time, not sure I can live up to all you wonderfully artistic folks.


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