Sunday 23 June 2013

Well, blow me down, Aurifil!

When I posted last I was feeling a bit sorry for myself but my post was totally tongue in cheek and I didn't actually expect anything to come of it!

You can imagine I went quite pink with surprise when I read a comment from Alex Veronelli of Aurifil! Thank you very much Alex, I am very grateful!  I have never had the opportunity to sew with Aurifil thread so I am really looking forward to trying it out, once I have a working sewing machine BERNINA.   

(Only joking!)


  1. Haha hope a bernina appears :)

    1. I am now using wordpress at but having probs with comments on the ipad

  2. That's brilliant. What an unexpected surprise.

  3. just wait - tomorrow everyone in blog land will have an "I want Aurifil" post up ... well I'm back to sewing with my no-name thread (though I do own a few G├╝terman spools but they are only for visible quilting)

  4. Do you think that would work if I hinted on my next post about the need for a BMW..............brilliant, lol.

  5. Just goes to show the power of craft blogging!

  6. Amazing! Congrats on your initiative :)

  7. You're on form this week Mrs C! That's three times you've made me chuckle :-D Fingers crossed for a new BERNINA!!

  8. Hahah, that's so good of Aurifil to step in and help you feel better :) I thought all the talk about Aurifil was a bunch of fluff until I got my hands on some and I really truly love sewing with it.

  9. Ha! Good for mr.Aurifil. Fingers crossed for you on the Bernina ;)


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