Thursday 20 June 2013

Ups and Downs

Down.  Rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, bang.   Just as I thought I was catching up the timing has gone on my sewing machine again and the needle started striking the bobbin case and snapped.  Now I have to decide whether it is worth paying to have it fixed or bite the bullet and buy a new one.  Meanwhile, no machine sewing.

Down.  My poor daughter is still under the weather, and I am fitting in extra work whenever she is at school.

Up.  Today this parcel arrived for me from the sweetie shop of fabric stores.

Ali has very kindly sent me a Maxi Scrap Bag so that I can try out an idea I have - it's an idea which requires a sewing machine, but at least I can cut and prepare, and be ready to hit the ground running.  Look at the contents:

Aren't they beautiful?  What a great way of getting a little bit of lots of loveliness.  It reminds me of my dad who spent his wartime sweetie ration on hundreds and thousands (coloured sprinkles) because obviously you got more of them in a bag!  I find Liberty very hard to resist and charm squares and scraps are perfect for playing with.

I have to admit I have stashed some Very Berry Fabrics Liberty in the past which is so pretty that I haven't been able to do more than take it out and ponder, but these are some of the things I've actually made with it:

Round bottom bag with Liberty detail

Reverse applique cushion - Liberty and blue jeans

Liberty origami brooch
Liberty ATC

Experiment using Liberty, linen and embroidery

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can turn the idea in my head into a reality which does the fabric justice.  Thank you Ali.


  1. Love all these pics of my Liberty fabric in action. All the very best with your new project - altho' I can see that you have some very hard decisions ahead about that sewing machine. Hope it all gets sorted so you can get sewing again soon.

  2. you do make lovely things. I have some liberty scraps from my school house tunic if you'd like them? Hope the wee one gets well soon x

  3. Hope your daughter and your sewing machine are soon back in top form. Love the scrap bag, might just have to investigate them, there is always room for more Liberty in a stash :)

  4. Wow - bet you were excited to open that parcel. I know I would have been. Hope your machine is up and running soon.

  5. Downer about the sewing machine! And illness! Yay for Liberty and inspiration and playing and creativity. Can't wait to see your idea! Love the sprinkles with the ration story-so sweet!

  6. Hey Catherine, those scraps are delicious looking I can't wait to see what you do with them! All the other projects you showed are really cute to!
    As to your machine fix it guy told me if your timeing get out of wack often it probably means your main belt is stretched out and that is a major repair...time to put the repair money towards a new machine. Your's may not have the same problem but if your machine is old and well used (mine was about 30 yrs old) it could be that?! 'hope that helps, cheers, CW

  7. Hope you soon get sorted with a new, or fixed, machine!

  8. Beautifully liberty projects. Hope the machine issue gets sorted soon.

  9. Hope you get your machine sorted
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Loving all those pretty Liberty fabrics, and you've made some gorgeous projects from Liberty in the past - love the denim hearts cushion!
    Hope the machine gets sorted soon - i found the choice of new machines overwhelming when i needed a new machine quickly, so went for a stopgap solution in a cheap Toyota on offer in Country Living magazine, and for just over £100 it does all i need. You can buy add-ons like a quilting extension table etc online. Still havent got around to buying a decent one!
    Gill xx

  11. Those are beautiful Liberty fabrics Catherine, it's a shame your sewing machine is out of action at the moment.........I gave in with my old Toyota not long ago and after quite a bit of research invested in a lovely new Viking Emerald 116, (which I'm slightly still besotted with).

    Your liberty makes are so pretty, especially the linen and embroidery.

  12. Such lovely things - especially the heart cushion. I know what you mean about hoarding lovely bits of Liberty and imagining what you will make with them. I have 40 5" square that I am going to make into a pair of cushions - but instead of a broken sewing machine I have a broken foot so they will have to wait a while! Hope you get your machine sorted soon.

    Jacqui x

  13. Such beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see what you have planned for them. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Fingers crossed you can also sort out your sewing machine.


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