Sunday 4 March 2012

Modern Mini Challenge Contest

I'd not really given any consideration to entering this competition because I don't feel confident enough of my skills but on Friday I suddenly felt inspired to go for it, and if ever there was a booby prize for sweat and tears I would be in for a chance!

Anyway, with no further ado, this is my entry.

It's made using machine applique (new Flossie Teacakes e-book came in handy), and machine quilted. I quilted the background fabric along the branches and most of the tiny leaves. That was very fiddly and involved turning the needle manually some of the time. The "frame" is partly made out of French General fabric which has that lovely patterned selvedge. It just happened that I could get enough selvedge out of a fat quarter to use for the cream part.  This is my second quilt!

I'm not very happy with the photographs,  but they will have to do!   [Edited to give size 24cm x 32cm approx - a mini mini...)


  1. wow, you have done some very fiddly work here. it looks fantastic

  2. Woah, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. beautiful, very creative

  4. It's a bit of an illustration too :) Great idea with the French General selvedge for a frame.

  5. It looks great! Love the details and the illustration comment above is so true. Thanks for entering it in the contest! Good luck!

  6. Oh I found the quilt that inspired my little pillow - I have a photo on this months slow blogger post! thanks for the isnpiration!


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