Monday 12 March 2012

We are experiencing technical difficulties

I'm having some technical problems by which I mean my husband knocked a cup of coffee off the arm of the sofa and into the power connector on my laptop.  My laptop is no more - it was totally fritzed.  Thank goodness for contents insurers who were so helpful I almost feel like doing an ad for them.

Until my new one arrives he has to go cold turkey from Civilisation IV every so often while I borrow his to catch up on blog reading and drooling over lovely craft shops online.  Susan at Canadian Abroad just posted about a new shop, The Village Haberdashery , and I almost wish she hadn't because I've already found at least twenty things I want to buy.  It sells a really interesting mix of fabrics, and 600 items in the floss, thread and yarn section, all really nicely photographed and totally desirable, so I will have to save up my pennies unless I am lucky enough to win the giveaway they are sponsoring (UK residents only)- details here.

If it weren't for the technical problems I would have posted a photo mosaic of the ten items I sewed over the weekend.  You will just have to take my word for it:-)


  1. oh dear...hope it is all sorted out soon xx

  2. Oh my goodness! Worst nightmare!

    See you on the flip side.

  3. I look forward to seeing your ten items. My laptop is broken too - I'm shocked how much I've come to depend on it!


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