Wednesday 13 March 2013

In pursuit of a good quilt photo

They say that Scotland can have four seasons in a day,  but this is how much it can change in 40 minutes of walking up and down trying to take good pictures of a quilt:

There was an arctic blast of wind, and I kept pinning the fingers of my glove to various surfaces instead of my quilt.   And the quilt kept blowing away.

It's all gone today!


  1. We had snow then sunshine then more snow and more sunshine on Sunday, it was all very confusing. Our neighbour who rushes out to clear his drive at the first hint of a snowflake was being driven mad!

  2. Oh my! I live in calif. where the seasons seem to blend together!

  3. Wow! It is incredible how fast it changes. I agree with Deborah here in California the seasons are not as defined.

  4. I prefer the sunny photo :) I have posted my slow blogger post, since it is already the 15th here in Australia, and will come back and link up later.


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