Friday 15 March 2013

Slow Bloggers Unite!

Time to invite all Slow Bloggers to celebrate their achievements small or large with a linky party. You can link up to show off a single project, or why not share something that inspires you, introduce yourself if you're new to the linky, or let us know what other adventures life has thrown at you recently.

Of course, if you have been having a very FAST month, you can celebrate it here too!  The last few weeks have been reasonably productive for me - it's just been great to have some time and mojo.

Tiny happy improv quilt: Pond Weed: Emerald: Curved improv miniEmerald

Now my sewing machine has stopped working and a tag team of ill children means I haven't been able to take it to be fixed so I'm probably about to go very slowly again!   The point of the Linky is to take the pressure off when life gets in the way or that sewing mojo has gone walkabout.  If you worry about disappearing off the face of the blogosphere, you will always have a place to come.

So, if you are a temporary or permanent Slow Blogger do link up below (link now working)!  Spread the word by including one of the buttons in your linky post or sidebar, and please encourage other Slow Bloggers by visiting them and commenting since Slow Bloggers need all the support they can get:-)


  1. Love what you have been doing recently!

  2. Looks like a great month! I love that last shot of the quilt!

  3. I hardly think you qualify as a slow blogger Catherine you've got through so much lately! I'd like to do a post a join the linky I certainly qualify!

  4. What a great idea. I've joined the slow bloggers crew but my first link is a post about what someone made for me not something I've made. Some recents makes of mine will follow soon.
    I love all the greens you've been using. Happy sewing.

  5. I have been a slow-to-non-existent blogger lately, so I think I definitely qualify! I have been loving your curved mini quilt - gorgeous!

  6. I have just added your slow blogger button to my blog, but unfortunately added the wrong address and the link doesn't work. Do you know how I can delete it from your list? Love the idea of slow bloggers, certainly takes the pressure off.


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