Thursday 7 March 2013

Really Random Thursday

I thought I'd share my view over the weekend.

Resolutely ignoring each other!  I think these cats are playing "Cat Chess" - as described by Terry Pratchett.

I like the way that cats (and dogs) feature so often in their owner's sewing blogs.  Mine likes to make his presence known, generally inappropriately, as in this recent protest against my paying attention to something else, demonstration of mousing skills:

or in this mis-timed concern as I lay on the floor trying to take a photograph.

Apparently this sort of thing has been going on for centuries.

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  1. Photo-bombed by your cat!! Too funny!!!

  2. Oh that's made me giggle so much and was a lovely reminder of my two cats who I had to rehome when I moved to the States, made my morning :)

  3. LOVE the way they are ignoring each other xx I had a (much missed) cat who ....if she got into the room where my blocks were laid out ... would scatter them to the 4 winds xx used to drive me CRAZY xx

  4. The cats look very serious do you think they are the lookouts for a crack team of cat burglars!

  5. I wish my children could ignore each other like that at times!

  6. Love the photo bomb shot sooo much!

  7. Fun pictures, especially the last one!

  8. Great pictures! I especially love the last one. It made me laugh out loud! I also really enjoyed the medieval fragments link. Your cat seems much better behaved :)


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