Friday 7 September 2012

This weekend we visited the Mela - multicultural festival - in our local park, so I got to sit on the grass, in the sunshine (yay!) and eat one of my favourite things:

Masala Dosa

...and watch some great entertainment:

Knife juggling

Would you like to see him suspend a canon ball from his eyelid?

No?  Me neither!  Youngest sprog and I did a runner, leaving my husband and hardier daughter to be amazed and astounded.

Since then, I have made a start on quilting this:

I'm doing organic (wonky) line quilting, about half an inch apart, and at the moment I'm not sure whether to do this across the whole coloured panel, or leave it as it is with sections of quilting about four inches apart. What do you think?    If I left it like this, will that be enough to hold it together (warm and natural batting)?   Would it look better with more quilting?

In the end I decided to go for the thicker of the variegated threads I was considering.

So far I like the effect, though I wonder how it would have looked with the sand-coloured thread. 
I also haven't decided whether to quilt the border (sand linen in the thread pic above) with the matching thread, or the variegated one - decisions, decisions!

I want to learn something new with each thing I sew, so this time I tried spray basting.  Let me introduce you to my new best friend!

Have a lovely weekend, and a big thanks to all the Slow Bloggers who joined the linky party last week.  I had a great time reading all your posts!


  1. spray basting is the only way to go, in my opinion! Lovely quilt :-D

  2. beautiful quilt, maybe you could quilt across the other way, then you would have squares of quilting? I love the blue thread it looks fab :)

  3. Sunshine at last!! I like the effect of the thicker thread for your quilting and think less is more probably, the fabric is so pretty it would be a shame to cover it in quilting. Like Mrs A's idea of quilting across the way though.

  4. Such a beautiful quilt. I love that Amy Butler print! I was going to suggest quilting the same way across the quilt, too!! It would make an interesting pattern. I have met your new best friend and we get on very well!!

  5. What a colorful festival.. Your quilt is beautiful I love the fabric choices and the thicker thread is just lovely. I want to try it on my next project. Did you use the same thicker thread for your bobbin or did you use bobbin thread?
    Quilting across is a good idea, but I have to say right now is looking pretty awesome.

  6. Your new best friend is my best friend as well! We get along very well together. ;-))

  7. I love the quilting you have done and the spacing is perfect. Your day out looks great although I would have been doing a runner too. I have your button up on my blog now - your manifesto is too funny and absolutely perfect for me.

  8. I love 505! Husband put a can into my stocking last Christmas and I've been hooked ever since. It saves my back so much trouble when basting, well, anything. I may never use pins again!

  9. Trying this again. Please let me know if it works, thanks!


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