Wednesday 14 December 2011

Aah, that's (a bit) better!

I finally managed to unpick the terrible attempt at ribbon binding and here is my rustic attempt at blanket stitching. It's more successful than the ribbon binding, anyway! My stitching got much neater as I got into my stride so I will have to try and decide which child is likely to be less observant and/or critical and give them the dud! So, I now have two quilts, two pillow cases, two sheets and two blankets, and I'm trying to decide whether to take on the challenge of making some little drawstring bags to put them all in.

I don't know how some crafting bloggers manage to be so productive. There's the general problem of finding time in between work, school drop-offs, school collections, housework (not that I do very much of that, admittedly) and cooking the dinner. Then there's the question of finding the space. Most stuff gets done on the end of my dining table which means it has to be got out and put away every time and I imagine that's the same for a lot of people.

I guess they have just learned to be amazingly well-organised, and can go at the job with a speed born of practice rather than desperation! Respect and awe...


  1. Don't worry, I'm sure that just outside the edge of every lovely picture is a pile of something :-). Also, having a room where you can sew makes a big difference. I know that before I had one, if I wanted to sew I often would ignore the urge as I would have to clean the whole dining room kitchen area to make space, and then put it all away in a few hours.

    When you can just leave it as is, and go back whenever inspiration strikes it's much easier :-)

  2. a little bit every day works for me...your work looks lovely to me xx

  3. Hi!
    I think most crafters have lots of 'works in progress' so it does seem like everyone is super productive, though I do agree some are quite speedy at producing new things!

    I use the crazy mom binding tute, it perfect.
    Happy Christmas

    And cute quilts too!


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