Wednesday 21 December 2011

On a roll!

We were stuck in yesterday with colds and sniffles so Sprog One and I were casting about for something to do.  We made this little bag and then miraculously we found some left over fabric paint which I'd forgotten about - just enough to print this fern from the garden, using a rolling pin.  The photos don't really do justice to the effect which is very pretty as the fabric paint is faintly sparkly.  I would have waited for daylight to take the pictures, but I'm not anticipating there being any!

In a further spirit of endeavour, my husband and I  (how do you say that without sounding like the Queen?) also managed to take the back of our fan oven off last night and replace the element (it's only taken a month for us to get round to this).  I'm not sure why I'm blogging about it, except that doing it was part of the New Regime of Having a Go, and Getting On With Stuff, and since we appear to have succeeded I am feeling insufferably smug and also very happy because it does mean that bar further oven disasters I can now cook the Christmas turkey, which was a fairly major concern.  Weyhey!


  1. Oven element replacement is actually exactly the sort of tittle tattle that I like to read on a blog... otherwise we all sound like Martha Stewart. Love the fern too. x

  2. Cute bag! Fun that you could have a little helper too.


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