Tuesday 6 December 2011

Wonky Quilts in Progress

I finished binding the dolls quilts last night.   There's a really good binding tutorial here at Crazy Mom Quilts and Red Pepper Quilts has some very useful extra tips here.

Since these are Christmas presents I'm fitting everything in in snatched secret moments (had to hurriedly sit on a quilt yesterday!),
and sometimes I just want to dive in...
so I probably didn't follow any of the tutorials I read nearly carefully enough....

But still, I'm quite pleased with them!

It remains to be seen whether they stand up to washing tonight and I'm curious to learn how much they crinkle.  I'll post the result.


  1. Well done, I remeber the days of sitting on projects!! Once it went over the back of the sette and scared the cat soo much he refused to come out of the kitchen for 2 days!! Thanks for reminding me...and giving me a laugh on a cold windy day xx

  2. Thanks Diane, you are very encouraging!

  3. Hooray! I like them very much. x


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