Thursday 22 December 2011

Advice please!

Kind people out there in the blogosphere, will someone give me some advice?!

I was looking at my fabric bits and pieces and found this remnant of Amy Butler Daisy Chain

It occurred to me that the motif is like a little snowflake (I'm really into snowflakes just now!)

So I had the idea to cut two of them out, and sew them together using a very small zigzag stitch.  I thought perhaps I could make several and hang them from some cord.

I think it's quite cute, but the stitching is a mess... It's irregular and the edges are whiskery.  Am I using the wrong stitch?  The wrong kind of foot?  Would it only be possible to do using a serger?  It was a bugger very difficult thing to sew round all the corners and I'd be so grateful for any suggestions.


  1. I've had trouble zigzagging edges on my machine too. I'm not sure if changing the stitch somehow or the foot would help... but what I've done to get by is use a large seam allowance and then trim off the excess after sewing the zigzag. I wind up with a bit of extra fabric on the edge still since I don't want to cut through the stitches, but it lays much flatter than I can accomplish otherwise.
    Good luck finding a solution!

  2. Hey Amy, thanks for this! I will have to do a bit of experimentation and I will definitely try a larger seam allowance next time as you suggest. Do you find that when you trim them the edges don't fray too much?

  3. Great idea, that's very pretty!

  4. amy - you need to include a little stabiliser between the fabrics - something like heat 'n' bond, or heat a steam or whatever it's called!

    i'd imagine you won't be able to use a serger as it would be difficult to go round corners


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