Friday 9 December 2011

The best laid schemes....

I wanted to make blankets to go with the little quilts I have been making and started the first yesterday.  I got some cosy red fleece, and some red satin ribbon and my plan was to give each blanket a lovely satin border.  Seemed simple.  Hah!   Fleece is very stretchy and satin ribbon is very slippery.  So as I tried to sew it the fleece stretched and the satin slipped with quite disastrous results:

As you can see, I'm halfway through unpicking it all.  Given time and practice I'm sure I would eventually pull this off but currently the revised plan is to blanket stitch round the edge instead.   

Don't you find it really encouraging when other people are upfront about their disasters?  It cheered me up to read about this and the wrinkles fessed up to here

On a more encouraging note, my Klona solids bundle arrived. So much loveliness - kind Betty. This was extra special and amazing to me because Betty had bought the bundle from Backstitch which happens to be run by my cousin Alice (she wasn't involved in the giveaway of course). My humble stash is much enhanced.

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