Monday 16 April 2012

Back to reality, and a Pay-it-Forward

We have been on holiday, and oh how much I love my country!

We awoke to this view:

saw lots of these:

and these, both close up:

and further away:

and went on a hair-raising (for the anxious mother) walk up a gorge with a vertical drop at the side of the path.

This was just one of a few short but decent walks with the Sprogs, which bodes well for the future - the hillwalking gap while they were too small seemed very long!

It feels a bit flat to be back home again but it cheered me up to find a parcel waiting:

It's my pay-it-forward pincushion from Laura at Needles Pins and Baking Tins, and I really love it, and the little pin that came with it.  I don't think that I will ever be neat or focussed enough to make a cathedral window and so it is especially nice to have such a lovely thing made for me by someone else.

Of course it means that I now have to step up to the mark and offer to pay-it-forward to three other people, which fills me with dread but also gratitude for the motivation.   If you would like to have something (hopefully not too shabby) handmade by me, and are willing to PIF to three other people, just comment below.    You are probably already familiar with PIF "rules" which are simply that I will undertake to send the first three commenters something within the next year, and then you have a year from receipt to PIF in turn.  I don't mind if you've participated in a PIF already!


  1. lovely idea - i'm in :)

    gorgeous views for your holidays - indeed a beautiful country

  2. I would love to join in too, I have never taken part in a P-I-F so delighted to have the chance.

    You should be working for the Tourist Board, those photos are lovely!

  3. I would love to join in if you still have a spot. I have never done a PIF


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