Saturday 21 April 2012

Weekend Chaos

Only a night had passed since we last tidied up!

Yes, that is a child in the trunk.  When I first discovered the room, the two of them were in there together with the lid shut and there was much giggling.  Luckily the trunk doesn't have a lock but my husband asked them what they would do to keep calm if they got stuck - apparently junior would eat her sister.


  1. I now feel a whole lot better about Z`s room! Great picture - scary trunk moment!

  2. Lol!! Well, it sure looks like lots of fun has been had!

  3. Hello, Im Alyssa, visiting from Small Blog Meetup, This picture is like the story of my like haha! My daughter (3yrs) is the biggest mess maker ever!! You can find me over at Pile O' Fabric Nice to meet you!


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