Thursday 19 April 2012


Two posts in one day! Sorry for clogging up your Reader with my earlier rant about clothes moths - I'd just seen one sitting on my pile of sewn HSTs and I was a bit annoyed:-)

I need some advice.  I have been playing around with the layout of the the ST quilt again - as I mentioned the fabric came in different amounts, but it has, fortuitously or not, arranged itself into two patterns.

The first is this:

I am thinking that I would take the green all the way round, and follow it with another border of the pink (effectively turning it into a star with a warm/cold or value quilt edging.

The second option is this, mega swoony thing:

I just don't know/can't decide which to do.  Bearing in mind that neither might be your cup of tea and that both look weird against my cheap rug, if you think I should go one way or the other, please let me know - I'd value the opinion of someone with a good eye.  Either way I plan to frame it with a plain surround, and a patterned binding which picks up the colours - possibly with some sort of small motif in the corners.   If I was making it for me I might try white, but I have probably discounted that as being less practical for a small child.

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