Thursday 5 April 2012


Possibly this happens to most families during the holidays but I had a day of total parental fail yesterday - everyone was best described as very tired and emotional.  Today was much more successful.  Firstly, I made some progress on the Siblings Together quilt, and have begun turning my amazing collection of fabrics donated by Patchwork Queen into this:

There were some 6.5 inch squares in the bundle, along with some 3 inch ones, and other pieces of fabric of different sizes.  All are beautifully co-ordinating (lucky that I had the benefit of PQ's skill) and I love the effect you get from throwing the various fabrics together in different ways, so my current plan is to make lots of 5 inch blocks in different combinations.  The left over fabric is being sent off to be made into granny squares for another quilt.

None of the fabric I had already went happily with this lovely bundle, so I'm not adding it in to the mix here but wonder instead whether I may be able to make a second quilt, probably for a teenage boy, as I thought they might be under-represented.

We also had a lovely time with a friend who is studying textiles, learning to do screenprinting

and to work with disperse dyes which you paint on paper and then iron on to your fabric:

The gekko is by Sprog 1.  Pretty good,  I thought!  I'm looking forward to playing with this more.

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