Thursday 19 April 2012

Clothes moths

Aargh, clothes moths! If you have them, you will know what I mean.

When we moved into our house it was full of ancient carpets (including one in the bathroom which had been liberally pee stained by three small boys).  We lost no time in ripping these up but the legacy of moth remains.

What amazes me is their ability to de- and re-materialise.   As they flutter past I like to practice my lightning reflexes on them Miyagi style (without the chopsticks), but every time I think I've caught one in my fist it either reappears on my knuckes, or in another part of the room.  Also they appear to be composed entirely of dust.

Since the children were small I've tried to get them to love and be interested in insects, spiders and beetles,  but I have resorted to taking out a contract on clothes moths and am currently paying 10p per hit.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, sounds like your contract killers are going to be making money for a while!


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