Friday 20 April 2012

Thank you...

First, very grateful thanks to the kind people who indulged my dithering yesterday and pointed me encouragingly in the direction of mega swoony thing.  You know sometimes you just need to be told what to do!   So, it's off to the fabric shop this weekend to see if I can get a suitable solid to go round the edge of it.  Mmmmmm, fabric shops....

Today started rainy but this afternoon was lovely and everything in the (tiny) garden seems to be burgeoning (that's not a word you use every day).  I've been playing with Super Macro - it's fab!  It makes you look so closely.  Who knew there was a greenfly in this agyranthemum? and you can see the pollen on its legs!

These remind me of dangly squids!

And here's one bursting into song:

Before bursting into flower:

I am really glad that Kay and  Fiona have signed up to Pay It Forward and I will be stalking their blogs in the hope that I learn enough not to send them something horribly not to their taste.   Is anyone else brave enough? 

Have a lovely weekend!

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