Thursday 24 May 2012

Done and dusted!

Siblings Together 2 came out of the wash nicely crinkly and lo and behold, the sun has come out!  Here it is:

Siblings Together 2 - now with bigger toes
It is backed with bits of an upcycled duvet cover in a kind of pale denim colour which goes really nicely with the Klona solids.  I really like this quilt - though it has some imperfections where the quilting isn't very neat or where I ran out of spool thread and the join isn't as tidy as I'd like. I'd show you if it was for me but it doesn't seem quite right to point them all out on a quilt that is a gift, so luckily I'm off the hook and you will never know!  It's not too bad and I don't think the teenage boy I've made it for would either notice or care!

Here's a pic showing the backing fabric and the nice labels that Lily and Laura put together.

Now that I've finished 1 and 2 and have only to post them off, I feel free to make a quilt for me!  On my To Do list for ages has been a quilt to cover the living room sofa (keeps the biscuit crumbs out of the cracks). I am thinking of using blue/green/acqua and neutrals for a stack of coins-type affair, with linen sashing.  I have virtually no experience of sewing with linen, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Also on my To Do list are three Pay It Forward Gifts for Fiona, Kay and Caroline and I will be in touch to ask for your addresses.

Before I sign off, please hop over and check out Nik from Bold Goods and Alyssa from Pile O Fabric who are next up on the Let's Get Acquainted bloghop.  I love Nik's I-Spy Quilt and Alyssa's Color in Motion Quilt and the tutorials they have come up with for the hop (a baby quilt, and a children's book bag) are great.


  1. it looks great xx well done x

  2. It looks fab and the quilting looks great.

  3. It looks brilliant, perfect for a teenage boy! Well done you :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this quilt! Plus, bonus, upcycled materials, love it! :)


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