Thursday 10 May 2012

Quilted and bound!

A rainy day - no gardening and the Siblings Together quilt is quilted - sew, lift foot, turn, heave, bundle, turn, drop foot, sew etc, etc!

 I have never quilted a real quilt before - I found it very (very) hard.    At one point I had most of the quilt held under my chin while I used both hands to guide it - good thing only the cat was here to see.  My machine, which is quite basic, coped admirably except that I had to unpick one quilting line which ran round the whole quilt as the tension had gone horribly wrong.  I don't know why - I changed the bobbin and it was okay after that.  Not only is it quilted but the fabric for binding arrived from Utah yesterday and it is actually bound.  

I machine bound it using this tutorial where you stitch the binding to the back, flip it over to the front and stitch again.  I really want to jump up and down shouting how marvellous this method is - no hand sewing, no trying to stitch in the ditch and catch the binding at the back without being able to see it.

I'd like to post a pic of the whole quilt, but I'd better wash it first and make sure it doesn't fall apart.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I've also quilted the Backstitch Klona Swatch Card mini quilt with wavy lines; much easier than the other one! I don't mind the fact that it's bumpy and irregular and I love it just for the colours.  If I get round to it any time soon, I think I will bind it with natural linen.  The fabrics are in the same order as the swatch card, so I can still use it for colour reference.


  1. Your quilting looks great ! I like the binding fabric you chose. I started machine stitching my binding a couple of months ago and I agree with you about how great it is. I use the method you described except when it looks okay with the quilt I like to use a zig zag stitch (which might make it even easier?!?)

  2. I can just picture you with all that quilt under your chin, very funny! Congratulations on a fabulous finish, it is a real undertaking to machine quilt a quilt that size, which is why I have been putting off doing mine for months!

  3. you made me laugh picturing you and your quilt xx


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