Tuesday 15 May 2012

Siblings Together Quilt 2

One of my daughters was off school with a cold yesterday. I should have been working so it wasn't ideal but when she said she didn't feel well it did occur to me that this would mean a day of sewing - hooray!  Do you think that's terrible ?:-)

What with the terrible hardship of a day stuck at home and all I got the squares cut at the weekend sewn into HSTs and auditioned different layouts for a new Siblings Together quilt for an older boy:

before abandoning these layouts and going for a semi-random one.

My lovely Backstitch Hurricane Sea Bundle has been waiting for a good project since I was lucky enough to win it a while back in a giveaway offered by Betty at Anything Goes.   (Check out her amazing quilt for Siblings Together with its fluffy backing.)

Backstitch is run by one of my cousins (she wasn't involved in the giveaway at all - no fixing!), but I can truthfully say that I am enjoying working with these Klona cottons - I think they are very slightly thicker than standard patchwork cotton which made it easier for me to cut them and get a good crisp seam.  They don't seem to fray much either and the colours are wonderfully vibrant.  I'm thinking of sashing and binding the quilt with the leftovers from the same bundle.


  1. Every cloud has a silver lining so they say, and a daughter off school ill meant that sewing was your silver lining! I have never used the Klona cottons but it sounds like I should. Your quilt is perfect for an older boy too.

  2. That's a terrible thought! :) is it even more terrible that I'm jealous? ;)

    (sarcasm of course!)

    I love those colors and what I see so far. Lovely!

  3. Wow -I love these sea blues and greens. So pretty!!

  4. That is looking great, perfect for a boy!

  5. I love the Backstitch bundles, the colours are great. Looks like you've made great use of it too!

    PS - found you from Plum and June - we're on the same day.


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