Monday 7 May 2012

I tracked down what I hope will be the perfect binding material for the Siblings Together quilt on Etsy, but now I'm kicking my heels a bit while it travels all the way from Utah.   Who needs an excuse to visit a real fabric shop though?   I took Sprog 1 to spend her pocket money at the weekend and we found this haul of treasure in the bargain bin.  I really try very hard not to buy fabric unless I have a project in mind, but...

Each piece was around a fat quarter for 50p - and all, except for the one bottom left which is muslin, are nice heavy cotton.  Bargain!  I had to have them.

Bags? Cushion covers?  What would you make with them?

If you, like me, are on Bank Holiday - have a good one!  There are currently only happy sounds coming from the children's bedroom where they seem to be playing a game which involves one of them being taken to the hospital to have a stone removed from her foot -  maybe I will get some sewing done!  Long may the peace last.  I was typing up some invoices yesterday and found that my daughter had left open a document on my laptop entitled "New insults to call X" (her younger sister).  Among other things the list included "pee brain" (sic) and "turkey-headed".  Lovely! I suppose it could have been worse.


  1. Well of course you had to buy those fabrics, you need to support your local economy (especially fabric shops!).

    They would make some nice fabric boxes, I have seen a few tutorials around on blogs recently that might be just the thing.

  2. sometimes you just cannot leave the fabric behind xx you could mix them up with plain blocks to make a quilt for the back of a chair xx have fun whatever you decide xx


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