Wednesday 9 May 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

It was a busy day yesterday and I actually have more than one work in progress!  I quite liked the fabric box I made, flaws and all, so I've started cutting fabric for another one, though this one is going to be smaller (and not quite as flawed, hopefully).

I got the Siblings Together Quilt out on the living room floor last night and basted it in front of the tv (wow, that was hard on the knees!),

and I was looking at this:

which suddenly seemed to want to be turned into this:

a little colour box miniquilt which I'm making without worrying about cutting the squares to size, or lining them up particularly.  I'm using it as an opportunity to practice joining scraps of wadding,

getting my tension right, and doing QAYG -  also just for the hell of it.  Did you notice the gold square?  

Obviously that's not in the Backstitch Klona Swatch Card!  The colours come in groups of seven, all except for one of six but in a flash of inspiration I remembered a bargain bin scrap of gold metalic silk and used it to fill the gap.

So I'm linking up to

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

 If you are visiting from there Hello!


  1. I like your Colourbox mini quilt and I sympathise with your sore knees from basting, there has to be an easier way!

    I read somewhere about joining wadding using felting needles and felting the pieces together but haven't tried it yet. It sounds like it should work though :)

  2. love the colourbox! I love klona solids from backstitch!

  3. Lovely colour box! And your Siblings Together quilt is looking super.

  4. You must be so pleased with your ST quilt - it is just gorgeous!

  5. There is no better inner thigh workout than basting a quilt on the floor. Love the spot o' gold!

  6. ah, ha ha ha! that is genius! xxx


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