Saturday 19 May 2012

Siblings Together 2 quilt in progress

I thought about making some sort of border for this with the leftovers of the Klona bundle, but decided instead to push the boat out and get some more of the dark navy. I'm so glad I did.  I think any of the colours could have worked and resulted in some very different looks, but I like the navy as it's for an older boy and I'm trying to keep it as inoffensive and unembarrassing as I can!

All the family junk has been pushed out of shot except for the plastic bottle which I didn't notice:-)
Oh I love these colours! And did you notice that the clothes pegs match? Classy!:-)

The thing now is what to do with the quilting. If I was really competent and had a bigger sewing machine, I'd like to do the central panel with a meander, to soften all the triangles, but I'm not and I don't, so the plan is to straight (or wonky) line quilt the whole thing! What colour though? I have a lovely deep turquoise thread, but would that stand out too much against the navy? Perhaps I should quilt with navy, but would that stand out too much against the coloured panel? I think I'm going to have to have a trial run on some scraps and dither for a bit.


  1. This looks great, I love the borders that you've chosen. I think that if you found a nice variegated thread to quilt with, I know Aurifil has some great ones, that might work? I am quilting a yellow/orange quilt with grey sashing with a yellow thread and I like the bit of contrast that I'm getting.

    Good luck choosing!

  2. I love it, the colors are fabulous. I would go with the turquoise in the middle, not so sure on the borders to be honest because I really like the clean crispness the borders give. That is not much help. Good luck choosing.

  3. this looks great, I love the colours

  4. Wow Catherine! This is FABULOUS!!


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